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Publications order form
The Royal Court - Publications order form for local use

Archive Publications and Prices
Details of previous Royal Court publications and their reduced price

Guernsey Publications

On this page you can find the latest Royal Court publications available to purchase. An order form can be accessed from the right hand section of this page, this will need to be filled in and returned to the Royal Court.

If you are an international user of the website and wish to purchase a publication, please contact us to arrange payment.

Orders in Council

Volume                                                                        Price
XLIV (1) 2004                                                              £320
XLIV (2) 2004                                                              £320


Volume                                                                        Price
XXXIII 2008-9                                                              £320

The Royal Court have stock of older volumes available at a 50% reduced rate, please open the price list download for more details. The Royal Court also holds very limited stock of some older volumes, please contact for more information regarding the purchasing of these.

Guernsey Law Reports

The latest issues are the 2013-2014 - Consolidated Bound Volume and the first back issue of 2000-2002. If you wish to subscribe please contact us and the costs are as follows:

Series                                                                         Price
2013-2014 - Consolidated Bound Volume         £260
2000-2002 - Consolidated Bound Volume         £200

Limited supplies of the previous four issues are also available.

2011-2012 - Consolidated Bound Volume         £260
2009-2010 - Consolidated Bound Volume         £200
2007-2008 - Consolidated Bound Volume         out of stock
2005-2006 - Consolidated Bound Volume         £200
2003-2004 - Consolidated Bound Volume         £200

If you have any questions about the publications available from the Royal Court or gaps in your library that need to be filled, please contact the Royal Court -