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Registration of Births

If your child is born in hospital, you will be given a "Declaration of Birth" form by the Midwife or Sister on the ward.

If your child is born at home, a "Declaration of Birth" form is available at the Greffe.

In the case of married parents, the form must be completed and signed by the mother and father and delivered to the Greffe. Your child's birth will be entered in the Birth Register and you will be asked to sign the register once you have examined the entry.

In the case of unmarried parents, both parties must attend at the Greffe together, to sign a Birth Acknowledgement Form in the presence of a Registrar.

A birth must be registered within 30 days.

Full birth certificates are priced at £20.00 and are usually available for collection on the next working day. Short birth certificates (with more limited information and uses) are also available on request.