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Victim Support

Bailiwick of Guernsey Victim Support is a charity providing emotional support, information and practical help to people who have experienced a crime, and to their relatives and friends, whether or not the crime has been reported and regardless of when it happened.   Our services are confidential and free of charge and although we work very closely with the Police and the Courts we are totally independent of them.

We support people of any sexuality, race, religion and age (under 16yr olds are normally contacted through their carers). 

Staff and volunteers are trained to help people cope with the effects of crime, listen while people talk through their feelings and reactions to the crime and try to help each victim find the way that best suits them to overcome these effects.

Emotional Support - may just be listening while people talk through their feelings and reactions to a crime:

Practical Help - such as support on visits to the police station, advocates or hospital,  help with claim forms / insurance forms:

Information - on personal and practical issues which may be access to other services, for example counselling, crime prevention, social security and housing.

We contact people by phone, letter, or in person, according to the particular sensitivity of the situation and can arrange for our trained personnel  to see people in their own homes, our office, or sometimes at a place that is safe and convenient for them.

We identify the help and support that will most usefully meet the person's needs and expectations.  If specialised help is wanted we will assist with finding that help.

We offer support to victims and witnesses of crime, including:-
    • Criminal damage 
    • Burglary 
    • Arson 
    • Assault 
    • Theft 
    • Deception and fraud 
    • Harassment and anti social behaviour 
    • Hate crimes 
    • Witnesses to violent crimes 
    • Relatives and friends of homicide victims 
    • Rape and other sexual offences 
    • Domestic abuse - any gender. 
    • Threats to kill 
    • Kidnapping, false imprisonment and abduction

Threats and verbal abuse are forms of violence, just as much as physical attacks.  These crimes can take place anywhere, at home, in the street, in clubs & pubs and at work.  Often people know the person who threatens them.

It can be a very frightening experience and victims are sometimes surprised by how strongly they are affected and how worried they are that the attack may be repeated.

Our volunteers know that it can be difficult to talk about having been hurt by violence but find that most people feel helped by talking to someone who understands.

Victim Support are based within the new court building and can be contacted by:
Phone: + 44 (0)1481 713000
Fax: + 44 (0)1481 710024

It is not a 24hr services but messages are checked regularly outside of office hours.

Other useful information:
National Victim Supportline: 0845 30 30 900
Victim Support website: