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Flag Flying Days in Guernsey

The Union Flag should be flown from States buildings on the following days.  It is appropriate for the Guernsey flag to be flown on all other days.  In particular, it should be flown on Liberation Day, 9th May.

January           9th -  Birthday of H.R.H. The Duchess of Cambridge
                           20th - Birthday of H.R.H. The Countess of Wessex

February          6th - Anniversary of H.M. The Queen's Accession 
                           19th - Birthday of H.R.H. The Duke of York

March               2nd Monday - Commonwealth Day 
                           10th - Birthday of H.R.H. The Earl of Wessex

April                   21st - Birthday of H.M. The Queen 

June                  2nd - Anniversary of H.M. The Queen's Coronation    
                           1st, 2nd or 3rd Saturday - Official celebration of the Birthday of H.M. The Queen. 
                            (Note: there is a States resolution of 25th February 1947 which requires all States buildings to fly a flag on this occasion)
                           10th - Birthday of H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh
                            21st - Birthday of H.R.H. The Duke of Cambridge

July                    17th - Birthday of H.R.H. The Duchess of Cornwall

August              15th - Birthday of H.R.H. The Princess Royal

November        2nd Sunday - Sunday Remembrance Sunday 
                           14th - Birthday of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales
                           20th - Anniversary of H.M. The Queen's Wedding

The Guernsey Ensign
The Guernsey Ensign is for use by Guernsey residents who are British subjects. They may fly the Ensign on vessels which are registered or certificated in their own names, regardless of where they sail. Companies which are registered and have their principal place of business in the Island may fly the Guernsey Ensign on their vessels, when operating in waters adjacent to the Channel Islands.
The Ensign is also flown on Fort Grey Shipwreck Museum when it is open to the public.

Days of Mourning
Flags are flown at half mast from the announcement of the death of the Sovereign except on Proclamation Day when they are hoisted right up from 11.00 a.m. until sunset.  Otherwise, flags are flown at half mast on the day of death and on the day of the funeral.  In respect of the funeral of members of the Royal Family, foreign rulers and Prime Ministers and Ex-Prime Ministers the flying of flags at half mast is subject to special commands from Her Majesty in each case.  Half mast means the flag is flown two-thirds up between the top and bottom of the flagstaff.