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His Majesty's Greffier is the Clerk of the Royal and Magistrate's Courts, Registrar of the Guernsey Court of Appeal and Clerk and Registrar of the States of Deliberation and States of Election.  He is also Registrar-General of births, deaths and marriages.

The Office of HM Greffier
His Majesty's Greffier is appointed by warrant of the Sovereign and is subject to a retirement age of 65 years.

His Majesty's Greffier assists the Judiciary in preparing revisions to a range of Practice Directions and Orders of the Royal Court, including Costs and Fees Orders.

His Majesty's Greffier is the registrar of property transactions, including all conveyances and some leases.  He assesses the Document Duty payable on these (and other) transactions and acts as agent for the States of Guernsey for the payment and collection of this Duty. 

His Majesty's Greffier is the Registrar-General of births, marriages and deaths and is authorised to licence and supervise civil marriages.

As Clerk and Registrar of the States of Deliberation and States of Election, His Majesty's Greffier distributes Billets d'Etat and records and publishes the Resolutions and Orders of the States.  He also publishes a record of all Orders in Council and Ordinances.  He administers ballots for the election of Jurats.