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Royal visits to the Bailiwick
This document outlines in some detail the various Royal visits to the Bailiwick since 1459

Royal Visits to the Bailiwick

As part of his civic responsibilities, the Bailiff is responsible for greeting and welcoming members of the Royal Family to the Island.  In conjunction with the Royal Household and the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, the Bailiff's Chambers is responsible for coordinating the arrangements for such visits. 

Details of visits by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II are provided below.  A more detailed list of all Royal Visits dating back to the 1400s can be found in the Related Download document on Royal Visits to the Bailiwick.

Royal Visits - The Queen
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (formerly the Princess Elizabeth) has visited Guernsey on six occasions.

1949, June - HRH Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh
The first visit of the princess Elizabeth and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh to the Island took place in June 1949, after they had visited Alderney, Jersey and Sark. They had tea and made presentations on the lawn at Saumarez park before touring the West Coast and St Saviours on their way to the new Princess Elizabeth Hospital which the Princess officially opened with a silver key. They had dinner at the Old Government House Hotel before departing later that evening on HMS Anson.

1957, July 26 - HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip
The first visit to the Island since being crowned, the Queen and Prince Philip were presented with gifts for both Prince Charles and Princess Anne at Cambridge Park where over 6,000 schoolchildren had gathered to welcome them. There was a busy itinerary including a visit to St Georges Hall for a meeting of the Chief Pleas. The day ended with a firework display over Castle Cornet.

1978, June 27 - HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip
The day started with the Royal couple taking a walk through St Peter Port including the old Guernsey Market. After a formal lunch at the Royal Hotel they travelled out to St Peters Village and once again met the crowds who had gathered to see them. They then moved on to Cambridge Park stopping en route at a tomato vinery. After greeting the thousands of children who had gathered at the port the Queen returned to the Royal Yacht while Prince Philip went to St Peter Port School to meet some young people involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. There was a reception and dinner on HMS Britannia that evening and the following day, the Queen & Prince Philip also visited Alderney and Sark.

1989, May - HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip
The Queen and Prince Phillip's primary reason for visiting the Bailiwick on this occasion was to open the new Queen Elizabeth II Marina. The Queen arrived on HMS Britannia and was joined by Prince Philip who had flown to the Island from the Azores. They first met local dignitaries at Beau Sejour and then visited the Bailiff's Chambers and walked around St Peter Port before declaring the new marina open. They had lunch at the Royal Hotel before meeting parish officials and more crowds of people in St Sampson. Their busy schedule then took them on a visit to Saumarez Park and in the evening they hosted a gala reception on HMS Britannia. The following day the Royal couple visited Sark where the Queen opened a new medical centre and then they moved on to Alderney for a formal reception at the Island Hall. 

2001, July - HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip
The opening of the 201 Squadron Museum at Castle Cornet and the unveiling of the Millennium Stone brought the Royal Couple to Guernsey in 2001. The Queen visited Beau Sejour for the official address then moved on to Castle Cornet where she opened the 201 Squadron Museum. After lunch at Government House the Queen flew to Alderney where she was joined by the Duke of Edinburgh. The Royal couple stopped briefly in Sark before returning to land at L'Ancresse to unveil the plaque on the Millennium Stone. The visit was completed with a gala dinner at Beau Sejour.

2005, May 9 - HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip
The 60th anniversary of the Islands' liberation from German occupation was celebrated with a visit from the Royal couple