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Fines can accompany other judgments of the Court. A default sentence of imprisonment nearly  always accompanies a fine and becomes effective should payment of that fine not be made.  

It is usual to pay a fine in full immediately following a hearing, upon which a receipt will be given. If the Magistrate or Judge has given an offender time to pay the fine these instalments should be paid on time at the Office of H.M. Sheriff, or outside the Greffe office hours, at the Police Headquarters. Failure to do so could lead to imprisonment without further appearance in Court but it is usual for an offender to be reminded by the Sheriff either verbally or by letter that they have defaulted from the agreed payment plan so that payment can be made immediately to avoid further default. In some instances a defaulter will be required to attend a fine review Court on the last Monday afternoon of every month when the reasons for defaulting in payment can be explained. Failure to attend these Courts will invariably lead to imprisonment in default of payment. HM Sheriff is authorised to conduct this arrest utilising the services of the Island Police force if necessary to assist.

Should an offender find themselves in financial difficulty and unable to pay the fine instalments for any reasons, contact should be made with HM Sheriff immediately.