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The present constitution of Alderney is contained in the Government of Alderney Law 1948, as amended.

Alderney is represented in the States of Deliberation by two members - they have no representatives in the States of Election.

After the war, in order to assist Alderney with rehabilitation, Guernsey took over responsibility for some of the islands public services. The States of Guernsey therefore are able to legislate for these reserved services without reference to the States of Alderney. The States of Guernsey are also able legislate in matters of criminal law without the consent of the States of Alderney and all other matters with consent.

The services include police, airport, health, education, immigration and social services.

The Guernsey taxation system is also applicable to Alderney.

The Court of Alderney consists of Jurats with three such Jurats constituting a quorum. The court has unlimited jurisdiction in all civil matters but there are restrictions on the level of fines and custodial sentences that can be imposed for criminal offences and therefore some cases are referred to the Guernsey Courts.