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Liquor Licensing

In accordance with The Liquor Licensing Ordinance, 2006, any person who wishes to obtain a new liquor licence, or alter an existing one, will be required to submit an application to The Committee for Home Affairs.

Along with the application, additional information may also be required such as details of the premises or recommendations from Parish Constables. The requirement for additional information will be advised to you following the submission of the application form. Please note in instances where Constables Reports are required, it's the responsibility of the applicant to commission this report.

Types of applications.

There are several different types of application in relation to Liquor Licensing that may be put before the Court.

These include:

  •  New Liquor Licence/Under 18's Permit;
  •  Alterations to Premises;
  •  Extension of Liquor Licence;
  •  Extension of Temporary Designated Official;
  •  Approval of a new Designated Official.

What do I need to do?

In order to apply for a liquor licence or an amendment to an existing licence you will need to complete the relevant form which can be downloaded under the Forms link in the left hand column or can be obtained from the Greffe.   Once completed, please then submit it to the address below, along with payment of the relevant fees. Court fees for this application are £166, which is in addition to fees as shown in the excerpt of the Liquor Licensing Ordinance, 2006, namely the Fourth Schedule, which has been enclosed within the forms.

The Committee for Home Affairs

Sir Charles Frossard House,

La Charroterie,

St Peter Port,



Should you require legal advice regarding your proposed application please refer to an advocate.

When making any application without using the services of an Advocate you will be required to attend Court for the hearing of your application. Liquor Licence applications are heard at the end of Contract Court (usually at 9.45 am) on every working Tuesday.

Further details of what should be included with an application can be found in The Royal Court (Liquor Licensing) Rules, 2006.

The Liquor Licensing Ordinance, 2006 and The Royal Court (Liquor Licensing) Rules, 2006 can be found on and should be consulted prior to an application being submitted to the Committee for Home Affairs.